1. Boundary Neon SRT-4 Billet Oil Pump Gears[Neon SRT-4]

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    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 05 Jun, 2023.
    Boundary oil pump gears are 100% manufactured in our Dallas, Texas, production facility. We start by quenching our Chromoly billets from extreme heat and then temper them to a tough indestructible core. After machining, we apply our ColdFlow surface hardening process and complete it to a Mirror Finish. What does all this give you? It gives you a pump with stability over 9000 RPM, proven in excess of 2000whp, with higher efficiency, less friction, and backed by one of the industry’s best warranties.

    Oil Pump Gear Features:

    Mirror Finished and Surface Hardened
    Surface Ground gears for the ultimate in fitment and performance
    Indestructible Chromoly core
    Inner and outer gear machined in matched sets
    Our race-inspired gerotor design for flow and strength
    Each set hand, machine, and hardness inspected with Blueprinting Report

    Available in standard heat treat or MartenWear Treatment

    The MartenWear surface heat treatment provides an incredibly hard and wear-resistant surface with a low friction coefficient.