1. WERKSracing Kappa Delrin Rear Diff Bushings[Kappa]

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    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 01 July, 2016.
    We are proud to release our new WERKSracing Kappa Delrin Rear Differential Bushings. After 10 years of Kappa road time we have began noticing a lot of worn and degrading rear OEM rubber differential bushings and broken differential housings. We developed these semi-solid Delrin rear differential mount bushings to help keep the rear differential located more precisely.

    Features -

    Black Delrin bushing material
    Stainless steel and grade 10.9 hardware
    Perfect for drag racing, autocross and road racing applications
    Lifetime warranty

    ***Note - These bushings will transmit increased driveline noise into cabin. If you are sensitive to additional noise I would not recommend these bushings.

    ***You will want to measure the ID on your rear cross-member bushing bores. We have encountered 2 different sizes - 2.5" and 2.75"

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