1. WERKSracing SRT-4 T850 Carbon 1-2 Synchro Lining[Neon SRT-4 T]

    Price:  $137.50

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 Jan, 2023.
    WERKSracing Carbon Lined SRT-4 T850 1-2 synchro linings. Developed by ourselves and a leading OEM manufacturer utilizing the same Carbon Fiber linings that are found in our 3/4 and 5/R synchro linings along with superior bonding agents on high strength steel rings these carbon lined synchro linings are the ultimate in strength and durability for the SRT-4.

    This is for (QTY 1) 1-2 synchro lining, fits first or second gears synchronizer.