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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 September, 2022.
    While the Ecotec engine has been a fantastic powerplant throughout the years, the single largest weak point of the system has always been the timing kit. There are a few inherent flaws with the stock system; 1) excessive noise, 2) chain instability, 3) poor reliability. Our new upgraded ZZP timing chain guide solves those major weak points in the system. Made of the same extremely durable material as our ZZP supercharger couplers this guide is stronger than stock and more resistant to wear and breakage than the stock plastic material.

    While the stock timing system is adequate for stock power levels, you run into some issues as these cars age and you look to make more power and increase the rev limit. Our ZZP guide is made of a slicker material which results in less noise overall from the timing system, as well as less friction on the chain. We also doubled the contact patch that the chain rides through, meaning more chain stability as RPM increases. Our material is much stronger than the stock plastic and will not get brittle over time; on our test applications you could still see the machining marks and no wear after 10k plus miles.

    We also include our upgraded lower timing chain bolt for installation. Pair this with the upgraded upper timing chain bolt for a bulletproof timing system. Installs exactly the same as stock, no modifications needed.