1. ZZP Z54/WERKSracing WR-EG LNF Turbo Upgrade[LNF/LDK/LHU]

    Price:  $1,850.00

    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 September, 2021.
    This is it, The Ultimate LNF Budget Bolt on turbo upgrade, the ZZP Z54/WERKSracing WR-EG Bolt on LNF Turbo Upgrade is here!!! New for 2021 we are now offering our exclusive external wastegate design that eliminates internal wastegate failure and provides stable, consistent boost every time!

    Features -

    Stock appearing exhaust and compressor housings for a completely bolt on sleeper upgrade!!!
    Supports up to 475hp!!!
    Quick response
    67mm leading edge technology billet aluminum compressor wheel
    58mm exhaust turbine wheel
    External TIAL MV-S Wastegate included
    Open wastegate dump to atmosphere
    Comes complete with all necessary lines and fittings

    Pictured - Optional Compressor and exhaust housing powder coating, Billet Bypass valve. Optional wastegate routed back into catted downpipe

    1 year warranty from the date of purchase