1. Gates 5/16" Submersible Fuel Hose For In Tank Lines SAE 30R10

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    Ordinary fuel line hose is designed to handle fuel on the inside only. Gates Submersible fuel hose can be exposed to gas on the inside and outside.

    If you have used high pressure fuel injection lines for in tank use, it will eventually burst because the exterior of the hose cannot be exposed to gas. The chemicals in gas, diesel, and other blends will break down the hose to point where the pump cannot flow anymore.

    •Engineered for constant contact with gasoline (and other liquid petroleum distillates) on the inside and the outside
    •Excellent for use on fuel pumps in the gas tanks
    •Exceeds the SAE 30R10 specification for submersible fuel line hose applications
    •Fluroelastomer (FKM) tube cover resists gas permeation and retards aging.
    •Aramid Fiber reinforcement
    •Max temperature of +302 F (+150 C)

    This line is commonly found between the fuel pump and hard line, but can be used anywhere in the tank.

    Comes in 1ft lengths 5/16" ID or about 8mm

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