1. DSS SRT4 Level 5 750HP Axle Set

    Price:  $1,799.99

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 09 October, 2008.
    This is the Level 5 axle for the Neon SRT4 with up to 750HP. This set of axles have been re-designed recently to have a larger center bar and new heat treat on the Inner housings.
    What we have done is increased the spline count on the internal bar from 32 to 36. We also have experimented with a new heat treat on the female inner spline to make it ultra strong.
    The axles are still a bolt-on design with the outer CV still having the ABS rings for you 600+ street cars (no changing hubs) and the inner will fit the stock trans.

    *****NOTE These axles are usually assembled to order so allow a few days for shipping******

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