1. DSS SRT-4 Level 3 550hp axles

    Price:  $989.99

    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 May, 2006.
    Dodge Neon SRT4 550HP axle set !!!!

    Right out of the heat treating oven is the all new 550HP level 3 (no hub needed) axles from Driveshaftshop.com, we have done extensive testing on this set of axles and now are pleased to announce that about 20 sets are now (the first release)ready for shipment. the axles use our proprietary outer c.v. used in such cars a Scott Mohlers all motor monster and Mike Crawfords Turbo machine. the axles have a 4340 center bar with a new inert gas heat treat and billet inner housings that have a tripod about 3 times the size of a factory axle (this is where most of the trouble is in the factory axle). the axles have abs rings installed and blue boots. When your serious about power, stick with driveshaftshop axles, the ones the pro's use.

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