1. WERKSracing Pre-HPFP Fuel Filter Kit[LNF LDK LHU]

    Price:  $140.00

    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 02 June, 2021.
    We are proud to introduce our new WERKSracing Pre-HPFP Fuel Filter Kit for the LNF LDK or LHU engines! We have seen multiple instances, especially on E-85 and E-47 cars, where contaminants sneak through the OEM in tank fuel filter and stick open a direct fuel injector causing a flooded cylinder or failed HPFP. This fuel filter installs easily just before the High Pressure Fuel Pump and direct injectors providing and extra layer of protection for your HPFP and direct fuel injectors.

    Features -

    E-85 compliant hose, filter and fittings
    40 micron fuel filter
    Braided black nylon flex hose and black fittings

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