1. WERKSracing WR-2/3-EG External Wastegate Cast Exhaust Housing[LNF LDK LHU]

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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 30 June, 2021.
    After 2+ years in development we are excited to finally release our new WERKSracing WR-2/3-EG External Wastage Cast Exhaust Housing. Bolt this exhaust housing to a factory location LNF LDK or LHU exhaust manifold and experience increased exhaust flow and rock solid boost control like never before! Fits Borg Warner EFR 6258/6758 and ZZP ZFR/Z54 turbos.

    Fits Borg Warner EFR 6258/6758 and ZZP ZFR/Z54 (6258/6758) turbochargers
    Designed for 38mm TIAL MV-S external wastegates for superior boost control
    Large 38mm diameter wastegate port for increased exhaust flow
    Eliminates failed internal wastegate flapper valves
    Includes exhaust housing to downpipe and turbo center section to exhaust housing hardware
    Fits ALL LNF/LDK/LHU factory exhaust manifold location vehicles
    .69 A/R Exhaust Housing
    3.25" exhaust flange opening
    Standard on our WERKSracing WR-2/3-EG Turbochargers