1. Werks SRT-4 Chassis Brace System (bare metal/unfinished)[SRT-4]

    Price:  $699.99

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 14 April, 2005.
    Another Werks exclusive! The new Werks SRT-4 undercar Chassis Brace System increases the overall strength, rigidity and response of your SRT-4 chassis and suspension systems. The completely bolt on and/or weld in system ties the front and rear suspension systems together along with the vehicle's unibody subframe greatly reducing chassis flex during spirited driving.

    Some of the Werks SRT-4 undercar Chassis Brace System benefits include -

    Reduces twisting of chassis under heavy cornering load
    Improves cornering and overall handling ability
    Completely bolt in or weld in to vehicle's undercarriage
    Lessens harmful weight transfer to rear of vehicle under acceleration
    Increases traction and helps to keep tires planted during hard launches
    Comes complete with full instructions and all mounting hardware
    Available in a Durable powdercoat finish for completely bolt on applications

    Complete Chassis brace weight is 39lbs.

    Please indicate if you would like a bolt in or weld in unit in the comment section upon ordering. Bolt in units come with pre drilled bolt pass throughs.

    Please allow about a week for manufacturing as chassis braces are being custom built to order.

    Due to the large overall size and weight of the brace it is shipped in 2 large boxes. We charge a flat shipping fee of $125.00 to anywhere in the contenental US.