1. HP Tuners MPVI3[MPVI3]

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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 16 September, 2008.
    This is the awesome HP Tuners VCM MPVI3

    Parameters that can be changed with the HP Tuners MPVI3 are as follows -

    1. Monitor sensors and many outputs from the ECU using the "Scanner". View data generated as the car runs via tables, charts and histograms. View in real time and record it.
    2. Use the "Editor" to change many tables that the ECU uses to control the car, such as:
    Airflow - tune "MAF Correction" to obtain near 0 short term fuel trims with aftermarket intake pipes.
    Fuel Control - as you increase boost and airflow thru the engine, you'll want to obtain a constant and safer Air Fuel Ratio by modifying the "Power Enrich Table"
    Change spark timing vs cam angles, RPM & AFR
    Change cam lobe angles vs load and RPM
    Recalibrate your speedometer for changes in tire sizes.
    Read error codes, clear them, and even set the VCM to ignore them.
    Increase boost thru air load tables
    Raise rev limit.

    Minimum computer requirements: Windows 98SE or Better 400 MHz PC or Laptop, 128 MB of RAM, USB Port.

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