1. Precision GT42

    Price:  $2,328.79

    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 September, 2008.
    The T04 Flanged GT42 turbos are back right on time for the drag race season. Dual Ball Bearing GT42R/GT42RS Turbo assembly available now. Exhaust housing options include standard larger GT42 turbine flange with 5.00" V-band discharge(a/r 1.15) or T04 flanged with 4.00" V-band (a/r 1.01 or 1.15).
    -Wheel: 82mm
    -Housing: 1.01 ar, 1.06 ar

    -Wheel: 76mm w/ 56 trim
    -Housing: .80 ar
    *****NOTE Call for best price****