1. Precision GT4094R

    Price:  $1,929.00

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 25 September, 2008.
    P.T.E. latest Dual Ball Bearing GT4094R Turbo. T4 style inlet flange with 3.00" V-BAND exit. Large style compressor housing with 4.00" inlet and 2.50"outlet. Great upgrade path (direct fit) for a GT4088R application or any new high HP application that desires the compact package. Good for up 850HP with great top end power and best spoolup for the power range.

    -Wheel: 77mm w/ 78trim
    -Housing: .85, .95, 1.06, or 1.19 A/R

    -Wheel: 94mm w/ 52 trim
    -Housing: .72 ar

    ***Call for best price***