1. MPx 3.0" Downpipe with Cat & Cat-Back Exhaust Package, 08-10 Cob[LNF CobaltSS]

    Price:  $709.99

    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 Apr, 2022.
    We've created a package of the MPx downpipe along with the MPx exhaust to make a full 3 inch turboback exhaust for the 2008-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo. This exhaust fits both the Cobalt SS Turbo Coupe as well as the Sedan.

    Catalytic convertor

    The catalytic convertors we use are a spun casing which allow for a compact catalytic convertor design. The catalytic convertors have a high flowing catalytic convertor monolith design that will not impede flow. Using this catalytic convertor on downpipes, we typically only see a difference of about 4 horsepower by adding this catalytic convertor to a car!

    Fits great on stock cars, extra clearance for lowered cars!

    The downpipe and the exhaust are all 3 inch, and this exhaust was designed from scratch to have more clearance over the rear axle. We did this because we continually had problems with the exhaust clanking against the rear axle after we lowered our Cobalt SS with Eibach sportline springs.


    We tested out several different mufflers and resonators to get the BEST tone possible. Our goal was to have a louder, deeper sportier tone without having any droning on the highway! Listen to the videos below and notice that they have a great sporty tone with a little bit of a turbo whistle tone.


    Our exhaust has a one year warranty.