1. Dirty Dingo Sanden SD7B10 LS Low Mount AC Combo Kit[LSx Kappa]

    Price:  $548.99

    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 July, 2022.
    Dirty Dingo passenger side low mount A/C bracket combo kit with compressor and billet fitting.

    This is a complete kit for installing the OE genuine Sanden SD7B10 mini compressor on the lower passenger side of LS engines.

    A/c bracket is laser cut and CNC bent from .250 cold roll plate steel and is black texture powder coated.

    Includes CNC lathe cut 6061-T6 billet aluminum spacers, grade 8 zinc coated bolts, and correct tensioner for installation.

    Includes new OE Sanden 7176 SD7B10 mini A/C compressor with a six groove serpentine clutch. The compressor is full of PAG oil designed to be used with 134A freon. The output of this compressor is 100CC or 6.10CID.

    Includes the billet fitting that is CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, a direct fit for Sanden SD7B10 7176 A/C compressors. The fitting will convert a SD7B10/7176 flange mount to an tube-O style fitting. The fittings have male # 8 3/4"-16 for the discharge and male # 10 7/8"-14 for the suction side.

    This kit places the compressor as tight as you can get to the block and runs on the inside 4 rib belt. This kit will fit 1997-2015 LS engines, Gen 3 and Gen 4. From the center of the crank to the furthest outside point measures 10 5/8 inches.

    * Fits 1997-2007 Corvette and G8, 98-02 Camaro-Firebird-GTO, and Vortec Truck Spacing.

    * Belt not included, please see installation instructions below for the correct belt size for your application.

    Installation Instructions Link - https://www.dirtydingo.com/shop/pages.php?pID=38&CDpath=3