1. Booger Ultra Stiff Shifter Bushings[NEON SRT-4 (]

    Price:  $20.99

    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 February, 2004.
    These Injection molded polyurethane booger bushings are significantly stiffer than the stock bushings but are not a "solid" bushing. Provides more precise shift "feel" and more reliable shifting. Features an internal reduced diameter to "snap" into place securely on the shaft. The outside diameter of the small bushings will make for a snug fit in the cable ends to keep them securely in place. Takes about 30 minutes to install, and is the single best mod you can do to tighten up your shifter. Kits includes 4pc bushings kit, and detailed installation instructions. Works awesome with stock, mopar, and perrin SRT-4 shifters. Fits the Turbo Neon SRT-4 03+

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