1. Aussie Mini Rechargeable Soldering Iron[ARI Mini Ora]

    Price:  $249.99

    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 17 January, 2020.
    Powered by protected lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

    Quick recharge in 4-5 hours.
    Battery Cells (Panasonic) & IC made in Japan.
    Copper core element - ready to solder in just seconds.
    Enough heat to solder 10 AWG (6mm) wire.
    Recessed switch designed for safety: iron only heats up for as long as switch is held down.
    Rugged 6061 grade aluminum body with powder coated finish and knurled grip.
    Anti-roll design with raised pins to prevent the iron from rolling.
    Direct plug in to recharge the batteries. Use the charger that was designed for this product.
    Interchangeable tips: a range of tips are available (sold separately) to suit precision jobs to heavy duty work.

    Each Iron Kit includes:

    ARI175-R cordless soldering iron.
    4mm bevel type (ARI85-CH4) tip.
    Conical Style (ARI185) tip.
    AC Wall charger

    NOTICE --->>>> ONLY USE THE PROVIDED TIPS! Permanent Damage can/will occur if non approved tips are used. Manufacture Warranty will be VOID.

    Melted or Physical Damage to Tip Cartridge is NOT covered under warranty.